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the beach or a body of water. New York City on a summer day can be quite
hot and humid, so be prepared to wear less. Although it is hot, if you plan
on walking a lot be prepared to wear close-toed shoes to not get stepped on
in the busy streets.
During Memorial Day Weekend, New York City celebrates the popular Fleet Week,
a week in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock
for celebrations for one week. Be prepared for busy streets filled with uniformed
men, and the single ladies that flock not too far behind.
Autumn (September to October): As schools become back in session, the
crowds for popular tourist sites tend to die down. The days are still warm,
the weather is still pleasant, and the humidity has waned down. Fall is the
best time to visit New York City, as the leaves are changing and a cooler
breeze keeps the subway rides from being hot and sticky. In early November,
the New York City Marathon is one of the best and notable races to watch,
as the city shuts down and celebrates the runners who reached this feat.
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