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Whether you fold it, roll it, or eat it whole, make sure to grab a slice of
Pizza: No one takes pizza more seriously than New York City. The Italians
may have created pizza, but the New Yorkers perfected it. Lombardi's on
Spring Street is known for its thin crust, fresh mozzarella, and oven “cracker
like” crispness; Patsy's Pizzeria off Third Avenue or in Chelsea is known for
its addicting homemade sauce; Artichoke Pizza is known for their creamy
spinach-artichoke slice; Sal & Carmine's on Broadway (at 102 nd Street) for
its cheesy, gooey slice
Eataly is a culinary masterpiece. Located in the Flatiron District (or the
Chelsea Neighborhood) Eataly is one part gourmet market and the other
part Italian food court. From handmade pasta, seasonal fish, prosciutto, fresh
mozzarella, wine, chocolate, pastries, and all the other delicious Italian del-
icacies, Eataly has you covered.
Nothing is more American than a burger, so head to Shake Shack: This
burger joint has blow up since it's opening in 2004. Known for its burgers,
fries, shakes, and unique flavors of ice cream, this Danny Meyer Empire is
both affordable and worth the long wait in line. Head to the original location
in Madison Square Park where it all started.
Big Gay Ice Cream in the East Village is known for their gourmet concoc-
tions. From the “Mermaid” (Vanilla Ice Cream, Key Lime Curd, Whipped
Cream, and Crushed Gram Crackers) to their unusual Ginger Curry Milk-
shake, you'll be sure to try something you've never had before…and leave
happy. We guarantee it.
Blue Bottle Coffee may be one of the hippest places in New York City, but
don't think it's a fad. Their slow drip iced coffee is strong, delicious, and
will keep you going throughout the day.
Noteworthy Museums
The Metropolitan Museum of Art : Ranking among the world's best art
museums, this Upper East Side Museum houses everything from Medieval
and Expressionist masterpieces to an entire Egyptian temple. Yes, you've
heard right. The Greek and Roman sculptures, African and Oceania exhibits,
and Asian Wing are also pretty amazing. If you wake up and it's raining,
head to the Met (open seven days a week) and wander. Bonus: The Mu-
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