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If you're sharing a computer with other people, you probably won't
want to store the password for your account on the server in the
FTP client. Make sure that the site is configured so that you have
to enter your password every time you connect to the remote site.
After you've set up your FTP client to connect to your server, you can connect to the
site. Depending on your FTP client, you should be able to simply drag files onto the win-
dow that shows the list of files on your site to upload them, or drag them from the listing
on the server to your local computer to download them.
What happens if you upload all your files to the server and try to display your home page
in your browser and something goes wrong? Here's the first place to look.
I Can't Access the Server
If your browser can't even get to your server, this probably isn't a problem you can fix.
Make sure that you have entered the right server name and that it's a complete hostname
(usually ending in .com , .edu , .net , or some other common suffix). Make sure that you
haven't mistyped your URL and that you're using the right protocol. If your webmaster
told you that your URL included a port number, make sure that you're including that port
number in the URL after the hostname.
Also make sure that your network connection is working. Can you get to other URLs?
Can you get to the top-level home page for the site itself?
If none of these ideas solve the problem, perhaps your server is down or not responding.
Call your webmaster to find out whether she can help.
I Can't Access Files
What if all your files are showing up as Not Found or Forbidden? First, check your URL.
If you're using a URL with a directory name at the end, try using an actual filename at
the end. Double-check the path to your files; remember that the path in the URL might
be different from the path on the actual disk. Also, keep case sensitivity in mind. If your
file is MyFile.html , make sure that you're not trying myfile.html or Myfile.html .
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