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If the URL appears to be correct, check the file permissions. On UNIX systems, all your
directories should be world-executable, and all your files should be world-readable. You
can ensure that all the permissions are correct by using the following commands:
chmod 755 filename
chmod 755 directoryname
Most FTP clients will allow you to modify file and directory permis-
sions remotely.
I Can't Access Images
You can get to your HTML files just fine, but all your images are coming up as icons or
broken icons? First, make sure that the references to your images are correct. If you've
used relative pathnames, you shouldn't have this problem. If you've used full pathnames
or file URLs, the references to your images may have been broken when you moved the
files to the server. (I warned you[el].)
In some browsers, you get a pop-up menu when you select an image with the right
mouse button. (Hold down the button on a Macintosh mouse.) Choose the View This
Image menu item to try to load the image directly. This will give you the URL of the
image where the browser thinks it's supposed to be (which might not be where you think
it's supposed to be). You can often track down strange relative pathname problems this
If you're using Internet Explorer for Windows, you can also select the Properties option
from the menu that appears when you right-click an image to see its address. You can
check the address that appears in the Properties dialog box to see whether it points to the
appropriate location.
If the references all look good and the images work just fine on your local system, the
only other place a problem could have occurred is in transferring the files from one sys-
tem to another.
My Links Don't Work
If your HTML and image files are working just fine but your links don't work, you most
likely used pathnames for those links that applied only to your local system. For exam-
ple, you might have used absolute pathnames or file URLs to refer to the files to which
you're linking. As mentioned for images, if you used relative pathnames and avoided file
URLs, you shouldn't have a problem.
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