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Signing the Page To finish, sign what you have so that your readers know who did
the work. Here, I've separated the signature from the text with a rule line. I've also
included the most recent revision date, my name as the webmaster, and a basic copyright
(with a copyright symbol indicated by the numeric escape &#169; ):
<hr />
Last Updated: 11-Jan-2010 <br />
Webmaster: Laura Lemay
<a href=””></a> <br />
&#169; copyright 2010 the Bookworm <br />
Figure 7.18 shows the signature at the bottom portion of the page and the Upcoming
Events section.
The Upcoming
Events section
and the page
Reviewing What You've Got
Here's the HTML code for the page so far:
<!DOCTYPE html><html>
<title> The Bookworm Bookshop </title>
<a name=”top”><h1> The Bookworm: A Better Book Store </h1></a>
“Old books are best—-how tale and rhyme <br />
Float with us down the stream of time!” <br />
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