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Note that I put the <cite> tag inside the link tag <a> . I could have just as easily put it
outside the anchor tag; character style tags can go just about anywhere. But as mentioned
before, be careful not to overlap tags. Your browser might not understand what's going
on, and it's invalid. In other words, don't do the following:
<a href=”banquo.html”><cite> Banquo's Ghost </a></cite>
Take a look at how the Recent Titles section appears in Figure 7.17.
The Recent Titles
Completing the Upcoming Events Section Next, move on to the Upcoming
Events section. In the planning stages, you weren't sure whether this would be another
link menu or whether the content would work better solely on this page. Again, this deci-
sion is a matter of preference. Here, because the amount of extra information is minimal,
creating links for just a couple of sentences doesn't make much sense. So, for this sec-
tion, create an unordered list using the <ul> tag. I've boldfaced a few phrases near the
beginning of each paragraph. These phrases emphasize a summary of the event so that
the text can be scanned quickly and ignored if the readers aren't interested.
As in the previous sections, you end the section with links to the top and to the table of
contents, followed by a horizontal rule:
<a name=”upcoming”><h2> Upcoming Events </h2></a>
<li><b> The Wednesday Evening Book Review </b> meets, appropriately, on
Wednesday evenings at 7 pm for coffee and a round-table discussion.
Call the Bookworm for information on joining the group. </li>
<li><b> The Children's Hour </b> happens every Saturday at 1 pm and includes
reading, games, and other activities. Cookies and milk are served. </li>
<li><b> Carole Fenney </b> will be at the Bookworm on Sunday, January 19,
to read from her book of poems <cite> Spiders in the Web. </cite></li>
<li><b> The Bookworm will be closed </b> March 1st to remove a family
of bats that has nested in the tower. We like the company, but not
the mess they leave behind! </li>
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