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- Clarence Urmy, <cite> Old Songs are Best </cite>
<p> The Bookworm Bookshop <br />
1345 Applewood Dr <br />
Springfield, CA 94325 <br />
(415) 555-0034
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<li><a href=”#about”> About the Bookworm Bookshop </a></li>
<li><a href=”#recent”> Recent Titles </a></li>
<li><a href=”#upcoming”> Upcoming Events </a></li>
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<a name=”about”><h2> About the Bookworm Bookshop </h2></a>
<p> Since 1933, the Bookworm Bookshop has offered
rare and hard-to-find titles for the discerning reader.
The Bookworm offers: </p>
<li> Friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous help </li>
<li> Free coffee and juice for our customers </li>
<li> A well-lit reading room so you can “try before you buy” </li>
<li> Four friendly cats: Esmerelda, Catherine, Dulcinea and Beatrice </li>
<p> Our hours are <strong> 10am to 9pm </strong> weekdays,
<strong> noon to 7 </strong> on weekends. </p>
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<a name=”recent”><h2> Recent Titles (as of 11-Jan-2010) </h2></a>
<li> Sandra Bellweather, <a href=”belladonna.html”>
<cite> Belladonna </cite></a></li>
<li> Johnathan Tin, <a href=”20minmeals.html”>
<cite> 20-Minute Meals for One </cite></a></li>
<li> Maxwell Burgess, <a href=”legion.html”>
<cite> Legion of Thunder </cite></a></li>
<li> Alison Caine, <a href=”banquo.html”>
<cite> Banquo's Ghost </cite></a></li>
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<a name=”upcoming”><h2> Upcoming Events </h2></a>
<li><b> The Wednesday Evening Book Review </b> meets, appropriately, on
Wednesday evenings at 7 pm for coffee and a round-table discussion.
Call the Bookworm for information on joining the group. </li>
<li><b> The Children's Hour </b> happens every Saturday at 1 pm and includes
reading, games, and other activities. Cookies and milk are served. </li>
<li><b> Carole Fenney </b> will be at the Bookworm on Sunday, January 19,
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