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One of the best ways to get around the peninsula is on foot. A stunning set of footpaths,
collectively known as the Dingle Way , will lead you from Tralee through Dingle Town,
out to the end of the peninsula and then back again, along the way taking in all the best
mountain views and prehistoric sites. The trails total just over 75 miles of shining coast-
lines, towering mountains, sheer seaside cliffs, and a huge proliferation of historic sites and
monuments. An adventurous traveler with a quick step can cover the whole thing in the
space of about a week. This, tied with the Ring of Kerry, is easily the best long-term trek
that Ireland has to offer.
Outside the Author's Home in Dingle
(photo by the author)
Any trip to the Dingle Peninsula will likely take you through Tralee , a mid-sized town of
23,000 that is the main transportation hub in this part of Ireland. Tralee has a few decent
hotels and at least one reputable hostel, but other than that there's not much to see - it's just
a jumping-off point for the rest of the peninsula.
Dingle Town
Dingle (also known as An Daingean in Irish) is the musical capital of West Kerry. It's a
rustic town of just over 2,000 res-idents, roughly a mile and a half from end to end, with a
stunning profusion of tiny pubs. Dingle is said to have about 50 pubs within the city limits,
including a small nightclub on the outskirts of town, where local students congregate on
weekend evenings. The best place for local music is undoubtedly An Droichead Beag , af-
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