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fectionately known as the Droichead (DRO-head) or simply the Small Bridge. In this large,
centrally-located bar you'll hear a spectacular session of traditional music each evening,
and around midnight it seems that the whole town has packed in under the exposed rafters
to hear the musicians ply their trade.
Fungie Says “Hello”
(photo credit: Duloup via Wikimedia Commons)
Dingle is popular enough with tourists that there are several places to stay, including the
historic Dingle Bay Hotel . The vast majority of travelers, however, choose to stay either
in a B&B or any of the handful of youth hostels scattered around the town. Restaurants are
somewhat harder to find, although many of the pubs have kitchens. The Dingle Pub has
particularly excellent food, and there are a number of seafood restaurants along the harbor.
Dingle is also the home of Fungie , a friendly dolphin who has lived in the Dingle Bay for
at least 30 years. For reasons no one can quite explain, Fungie loves to follow boats in and
out of the harbor, so it's very easy to see him when the weather is good. The most intimate
way to visit Fun-gie, though, is to rent a kayak and paddle out to the middle of the bay on
a clear, sunny afternoon. This inscrutable dolphin is almost guaranteed to pop up for a visit
if you're patient.
The Mountains of West Kerry
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