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The Dingle Peninsula
One of the great bastions of traditional Irish culture is the western portion of County Kerry.
This region is home to some of Ireland's great wilderness areas, and has produced some of
the island's best musicians, poets, and storytellers. The Dingle Peninsula, in particular, is an
outstanding destination for culture, craic , and undisturbed nature.
(Photo by the author)
Getting In & Getting Around
This remote region of Ireland is a little complicated to get to. Trains only run as far as Tralee
at the base of the peninsula, and from there on you'll either have to take buses, taxis, or your
own two feet. Fortunately, the bus trip is spectacularly scenic, passing through the Conor
Pass on its way into Dingle Town . Once you get into the Peninsula, your options for public
transportation are quite limited, and your best bet is probably to get the phone number of a
reliable local taxi driver - ask for recommendations at your hotel or hostel.
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