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Irish for “The Shoe,” this bar in central Cork is wildly popular with the student crowd.
Young backpackers love it for the opportunity it affords to connect with locals their own
age, but it's generally avoided by the older generation. An eclectic selection of music plays
every night of the week.
An Spailpín Fánach (South Main St.)
Arguably the most traditional of all the pubs in Cork in terms of music and atmosphere. It's
an excellent place to catch some Irish music in a cozy setting.
FreakScene (South Main St.)
The name tells you a lot about this place. Two levels, packed with gyrating students, pump
out indie, electronic music, disco, and R&B. Known as one of the most gay-friendly clubs
in Cork, and also famous for the unusual attire favored by some of its patrons.
Long Island Bar (11 Washington St.)
Best place in Cork for cocktails. A huge variety of mixed drinks, expertly prepared, in a
fairly typical lounge setting.
Thomond Bar (2 Marlboro St.)
If you want to share in Cork's love of sports, head to Thomond's. Locals congregate here
to watch rugby, soccer, cricket, hurling, Irish football, and a bewildering array of lesser-
known sports. This ranges from worldwide international soccer matches, through the col-
lege and regional levels, all the way down to local Cork teams playing in various Irish
sports leagues.
Key Sights in Cork
The Lough
Cork's main public park is known as The Lough, and it surrounds a quiet little limestone
pond just a half-mile or so from the city center. Local wildlife frequently congregates in
The Lough, giving visitors an opportunity to enjoy a huge variety of birdlife. And, of
course, travelers who want to get in a little exercise can hardly do better than a jog around
The Lough's picturesque shoreline.
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