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After Dublin, Belfast has some of the most notorious nightlife on the island. Young tourists
often join local students for the Belfast Pub Crawl , which lasts all night and costs a very
reasonable £8.
Don't talk politics in a Belfast pub. The city is still culturally segregated into Catholic/
Republican and Protestant/Unionist neighborhoods, and bars have always been particularly
subject to that distinction. You probably won't know which type of bar you're in, and either
way it's just better to avoid the potentially explosive topic of partition and The Troubles.
Traditional Pubs
McHugh's Bar & Restaurant (29-31 Queens Square)
McHugh's is housed in the oldest building in Belfast (though, at just over 300 years old,
it's still a baby compared to many buildings in Dublin or Cork). This relatively large pub
provides an excellent entertainment venue and serves a diverse clientele of students, locals,
and tourists.
The Kitchen Bar (36-40 Victoria Square)
Renowned for having some of the best atmosphere in Belfast, the Kitchen Bar also (as its
name suggests) serves excellent food all through the night. Many bars in Belfast will feel
more like Scottish or English pubs than Irish ones, but the Kitchen is a notable exception.
Ryan's Bar and Restaurant (116-118 Lisburn Road)
Best boxties in Belfast, hands down. Also a great beer selection and charming atmosphere.
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