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Kelly's Cellars
(Photo credit: Albert Bridge via Wikimedia Commons)
Kelly's Cellars (30-32 Bank Street)
Kelly's has traditional music on the weekends, and its hidden-away location means that
you'll see pretty small crowds and very few tourists. During the 1798 uprising against the
British, Kelly's was an important safehouse for Republican Nationalists of the United Irish-
men. Kelly's is a little tough to find, so you may have to ask someone for directions - it's
tucked away in a little white building just off Castle Street, and the signage out front is
Nightclubs and Modern Bars
White's Tavern (2-4 Winecellar Entry)
The typical European nightclub is not as popular in Belfast as it is in Dublin or even Cork,
but the closest thing is probably White's tavern, which has a Friday night disco and live
bands on most weekend nights. With two distinct levels playing different styles of music,
the bar is usually pretty packed on the weekends.
Limelight (17 Ormeau Avenue)
Part of a trio of popular clubs that cater to the alternative/indie crowd. (The other two,
located right next door, are Katy Daly's and the Spring & Airbrake .) Several live gigs
per week, often from internationally known touring artists. Particularly popular on Tuesday
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