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Belfast has a full range of accommodations, but they tend to cluster around the lower end of
the budget spectrum. The hostels here are some of the best you'll find anywhere, especially
the City Backpacker in the southern portion of the city center. The cheapest option is prob-
ably a bed in one of the multiple-occupancy dorms at Arnie's Backpackers , which will run
somewhere around £10 per night.
Because of the history of violence, Belfast hasn't attracted a lot of high-end tourists, so it
doesn't have many luxury hotels. The best option for travelers looking to splurge is prob-
ably the Merchant Hotel , which opened less than 10 years ago and so hasn't yet built up its
reputation. But early reports say that it's extremely comfortable, and it's certainly a spectac-
ular specimen of architecture.
In between the hostels and the grand hotels, there are dozens of mid-range options, B&B's,
and international hotels chains of fairly predictable quality. The Ramada Encore is the most
centrally-located, while the Ibis Belfast is quite inexpensive and located in the very pleasant
neighborhood around the Botanical Gardens.
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