Java Reference
In-Depth Information
1. Select New Project from the File menu.
2. MakesurethatJavaistheselectedcategoryandJavaApplicationistheselected
Project in their respective Categories and Projects lists on the resulting New
Project dialog box's Choose Project pane. Click Next.
3. OntheresultingNameandLocationpane,enter HelloWorld intotheProject
Nametextfield.Noticethat helloworld.HelloWorld appearsinthetext-
The helloworld portion of this string refers to a package that stores the
HelloWorld class portion ofthis string. (Packages are discussed in Chapter
3 . ) Click Finish.
NetBeansspendsafewmomentscreatingthe HelloWorld project.Onceitfinishes,
NetBeans presents the workspace shown in Figure 1-2 .
Figure 1-2. The workspace is organized into multiple work areas.
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