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Aftercreating HelloWorld ,NetBeansorganizestheworkspaceintoprojects,edit-
or, navigator, and tasks work areas. The projects area helps you manage your projects
and is organized into the following tabs:
• The Projects tab is the main entry point to your project's source and resource
files. It presents a logical view of important project contents.
• The Files tab presents a directory-based view of your projects. This view in-
cludes any files and folders not shown on the Projects tab.
• The Services tab presents a logical view of resources registered with the IDE,
for example, servers, databases, and web services.
The editor area helps you edit a project's source files. Each file is associated with
itsowntab,whichislabeledwiththefilename.Forexample, Figure1-2 revealsaHel- tab that provides a skeletal version of this source file's contents.
The navigator area presents the Navigator tab, which offers a compact view of the
(e.g., class and method headers).
Finally,thetaskarea presents aTaskstabthat reveals ato-dolist ofitems that need
name, and the location within the file where resolution must take place.
Replace theHelloWorld.javatab'scontentswith Listing1-1 , keepingthe package
helloworld; statementatthetopofthefiletopreventNetBeansfromcomplaining
compileandrunthisapplication. Figure1-3 'sOutputtabshows HelloWorld 'sgreet-
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