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To create a realistic illusion, the screen should appear to be inside the
monitor. You can offset the screen in the monitor by creating a recessed bezel:
• Switch to the bezel layer.
• Select a very light silvery gray as the foreground color.
• Set the Path dialog to active in the Layers, Channels and Paths dock . (You
previously saved the screen selection as a path.)
• Right-click on the path and select Stroke Path in the context menu.
Alternatively, you can click the Paint along the path button at the bottom
of the Paths dialog window.
• In the Stroke Path window, select a line width of 40 px, select Solid color ,
and confirm by selecting Stroke .
• Since the path was traced on the centerline, you now have to erase the
overlapping border. Again, right-click on the path in the Paths dialogand
select Path to selection in the context menu. Then invert the selection
( Select > Invert ) and conclude by removing the selection ( Select > None ).
• Use a smaller hard brush to erase the upper-left edge of the bezel on the
bezel layer. You could apply the default brush with 19 pixels diameter and
scale it, using the tool settings of the Eraser tool . This should create an
illusion of depth because the bezel will look as if it has disappeared due
to a natural perspective distortion. Zoom into the remaining corners and
use the Eraser tool to carefully round them out.
• Save your image.
Figure 3.77
Using the Eraser tool
to erase the bezel and
round the corners
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