Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
• Access Select > Rounded Rectangle to round the selection's corners by 20
pixels or so.
• Access Select > To Path and create a path from the selection.
• Access Select > Invert and invert the selection again. Then choose Edit >
Delete so you can delete the corners of the eastercard image object.
Next you'll want to create a screen for your television, so let's do that now.
• Invert the selection once again to reselect the actual image object in the
• Switch to the screen layer in the Layers dialog. Fill the selection with a
circular gradient blend. Select a pale green-gray as the foreground color
and a dark green-gray as the background color.
• On the screen layer, choose Filters > Light and Shadow > Lens Flare to set
a highlight.
Figure 3.76
The flare reflection on
the screen layer.
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