Image Processing Reference
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You've now completed the front of your monitor. In the following steps,
you will use the Shear tool , the Perspective tool , and the Scale tool to apply
a series of transformations to the existing image layers to jointly bend their
To ensure that the transformations will affect all layers of the image
concurrently, you should link them with the chain icon you'll find near the
preview in the Layers dialog. Make the chain icon visible on each layer with
the exception of the white background layer.
• Now select the Shear tool to bend the layer vertically. Use a shear shift of
about -300 for the y-axis.
• Next, use the Perspective tool to bend the right edge of the layers.
• Finally, scale the layers horizontally from left to right, approximately 70%.
If necessary, you can correct the size and slant of the front further with
one of the transformation tools.
• Save the image.
Figure 3.78
Using the Shear tool
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