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Figure 1-9. Default rendering of <ol start=“3”> in Firefox 5.0
start has been around for a while, but was deprecated as presentational. HTML5 now
recognizes the semantic value of controlled numbering and welcomes it back. This
“reordering” via start works the same across all browsers, IE6 included.
Reversed attribute
Another attribute for controlling the numbering of an ordered list is the reversed
attribute, which reverses the order of a list (e.g., for a countdown from 10):
<ol reversed >
Unfortunately, none of the current browsers support this attribute yet.
Value Attribute
You can also specify the exact number value for each li , which can come in handy if
you are ranking something and there is a “tie” (see Figure 1-10 ):
<p>The results are in for your favorite fruit, and we have a tie for first place!</p>
<li value="1" >Bananas</li>
<li value="1" >Oranges</li>
<li value="2">Apples</li>
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