HTML and CSS Reference
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All current browsers support the value attribute for li .
Figure 1-10. Ordered list with specified <li> values
See Also
The W3C's Working Draft about grouping content includes the ol element at http:// .
1.19 Hiding Content to Show Later
You have content that you want to hide until after a user logs in.
Add the hidden attribute to the element containing the content to be temporarily
<p hidden >As a special deal for members, use discount code AWESOMESAUCE and save
10% off all purchases from these vendors.</p>
The hidden attribute is one of the more controversial additions to HTML5. As the spec
defines it, hidden should be applied to content that is not yet or no longer relevant to
the current user view and, as such, should not be rendered by browsers.
The Document Object Model (DOM) and machines like search engines, though, can
still access the content. This means that if the content does become relevant to the user
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