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Returns the String representing the path to the directory where the installer is recom-
mended to install the extension in.
void hideProgressBar()
Hides the progress bar.
void hideStatusWindow()
Hides the status window.
void installFailed()
Installer classes should invoke this method if the install fails for any reason.
void installSucceeded(boolean needsReboot)
Installer classes should invoke this method after a successful extension installation.
void setHeading(String heading)
Updates the status of the installer process with a new heading .
void setJREInfo(String platformVersion, String jrePath)
Sets the JNLP Client path to the executable for the JRE (if the jrePath argument string
points to a JRE installer). It also informs the JNLP Client about the platform-version of
this JRE.
void setNativeLibraryInfo(String path)
Informs the JNLP Client of a directory in which it should search for native libraries.
void setStatus(String status)
Updates the status of the installer process.
void updateProgress(int value)
Updates the progress bar.
Interface PrintService
Handles printing passing through the JNLP Client.
java.awt.print.PageFormat getDefaultPage()
Creates a new PageFormat instance, and sets it to the default size and orientation.
boolean print(java.awt.print.Pageable document)
Prints a document using the given document .
boolean print(java.awt.print.Printable painter)
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