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Prints a document using the given Printable object instead of a Pageable one.
java.awt.print.PageFormat showPageFormatDialog(java.awt.print.PageFormat
Displays the properties dialog box of a PageFormat object, returning it modified by the
JARDiff Format
The JARDiff format is a way to perform incremental updates to a JAR file. It is composed of a
special JAR file sent to the client, which describes the differences between two JAR files, say
OldJAR and NewJAR .
The differencing information is stored in the “ META-INF/INDEX.JD ”text file, and describes the
copies of new or changed files in the NewJAR file relative to the OldJAR file.
The file is composed of lines <command> space <value> . The first line describes the JARDiff
format version (currently 1.0):
version <version>
And following are lines of two types:
remove <fully qualified class in OldJar but not in NewJAR>
move <fully qualified class in OldJAR> <fully qualified class in NewJAR > .
That describes the differences between the already-installed OldJAR file and to-be-installed
NewJAR file.
Versioning Notation
This section covers the versioning notation. It is implemented in the JNLP protocol as strings
conforming to given rules. See Chapter 12, “Server-Side Deployment Support,” for the classes
that concretely implement these algorithms in Java.
Throughout this section, given two strings of all-ASCII characters representing Version Ids v1 ,
v2 , we represent them in the following way:
v1 = v1H+v1T; v2 = v2H + v2T
where vxH is the substring up to the first occurrence of the separator characters and vxT is all
the rest (the tail).
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