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Gets an InputStream from the file.
long getLength()
Returns the file length.
long getMaxLength()
Returns the maximum file length for the file, as previously set by the creator of this
String getName()
Returns the filename. getOutputStream(boolean append)
Returns an OutputStream to the file (see the class for more
JNLPRandomAccessFile getRandomAccessFile(String mode)
Returns a JNLPRandomAccessFile proxy to the file's contents.
long setMaxLength(long maxlength)
Sets the maximum file length for the file.
Interface FileOpenService
The FileOpenService exposes the capability to open files from the client's local disks to
launched applications.
FileContents openFileDialog(String pathHint, String[] extensions)
Asks (through the use of a dialog box) the user to choose a single file.
FileContents[] openMultiFileDialog(String pathHint, String[] extensions)
Asks the user to choose one or more files from a GUI dialog box.
Interface FileSaveService
Models the capability from launched applications to perform file modifications on the client's
local disk.
FileContents saveAsFileDialog(String pathHint, String[] extensions,
FileContents contents)
Asks the user to save a file.
FileContents saveFileDialog(String pathHint, String[] extensions, stream, String name)
Asks the user to save a file.
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