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Interface ServiceManagerStub
This interface is a stub for the ServiceManager 's methods. It is implemented by the JNLP
Client with a concrete class and then registered with the
ServiceManager.setServiceManagerStub method. ServiceManagerStub wraps a hashtable
containing the implemented services ready to be returned as needed to launched applications.
String[] getServiceNames()
Returns the names of all services as implemented by the JNLP Client.
Object lookup(String name)
Asks the JNLP Client for a service with the given name . The method is meant to always
return the same instance. Note that the type of the returned service can be any class, that
is, the service interfaces do not extend to a common service super-type.
Interface BasicService
The BasicService interface provides access to the codebase of the application. It also offers
simple interaction with the native browser eventually present on the given platform. getCodeBase()
Returns the codebase for the application.
boolean isOffline()
Returns true if the client is offline at that moment.
boolean isWebBrowserSupported()
Returns true if a Web browser that is supported by the client JNLP is present on the
client platform.
boolean showDocument( url)
Points the Web browser to the specified URL. Returns false if the client platform or the
JNLP Client doesn't support a Web browser.
Interface FileContents
The FileContents interface wraps up the contents of a file to be read by the launched applica-
tions with adequate permissions.
boolean canRead()
Returns true if the file can be read.
boolean canWrite()
Returns true if the file can be (over)written. getInputStream()
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