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Interface PersistenceService
The PersistenceService interface offers methods for storing entries on the client side persis-
tently. Entries have URLs as keys. Offers a service similar to the cookie mechanism on Web
•Static fields: int CACHED (the server has an up-to-date copy of the entry), DIRTY (the
opposite of CACHED ), TEMPORARY (the file can be re-created at any moment).
long create( url, long maxsize)
Creates a new entry in the persistent cache, with the specified URL as a key and a max-
size size.
void delete( url)
Removes the stream associated with the given URL from the client-side data persistence
FileContents get( url)
Returns a FileContents object representing the file's content.
String[] getNames( url)
Returns an array of strings containing the names of all the entries for a given URL.
int getTag( url)
Returns an int corresponding to the current value of the tag for the persistent data store
entry associated with the given URL. The returned value surrogates are enumerated with
the following possible values: CACHED , DIRTY , TEMPORARY .
void setTag( url, int tag)
Associates the given URL with the given tag value, having the following possible values:
Interface ClipboardService
The ClipboardService interface provides basic interaction ( set and get ) with the client plat-
form's Clipboard. It is always assumed that the client system supports a Clipboard.
java.awt.datatransfer.Transferable getContents()
Returns a Transferable object representing the current contents of the Clipboard.
void setContents(java.awt.datatransfer.Transferable contents)
Assigns the current contents of the Clipboard to the given Transferable object.
Interface DownloadService
Offers downloading services to the launched applications.
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