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• You may choose to do this at set periods after implementation. When exactly the initial
review takes place may depend on the size of your business, together with other factors
mentioned in the last point of the 'Rolling out CAD' section above.
• Suggestions for the timing of reviews include 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. Make sure
you've used the new system enough within the business to give a fair comparison. A few
measurement criteria include:
• Reduction in development time. How long would the equivalent development take
before and after 3D CAD?
• Engineering change orders / requests (closely tied to quality)
• Product development costs
• Design Engineer satisfaction
• For this last point, how satisfied are your CAD users? With all the investment in train-
ing, IT requirements and making employees an integral part of the CAD rollout process,
it is definitely worthwhile assessing their satisfaction as a key measure of the success of
the implementation process.
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