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Implementation Challenges
To maximise the chances of implementation success, it is worth understanding some the
common reasons why businesses struggle with CAD implementation. These are provided
below, with some suggestions to overcome the perceived problems.
The cost of the CAD software
• Shop around! Get quotes and compare prices.
• Understand how many seats / licenses you need. Once you've received quotes you
may choose to reduce the number of seats you initially decide to go for.
• Some software suppliers offer free pilot licenses - often lasting 30 days. Try before
you buy and see how you get on.
• Consider leasing or hiring seats. For many this is a more affordable option and can
be undertaken conveniently online. Leasing may be time-bound or project-based and is
renewable at the end of the period.
• Try free CAD downloadable software. They may not be the big industry-standard
names, but functionally they may be good enough for you.
Resistance to change because engineers are familiar with a set way of doing things
• Review the detailed 'Cultural Change guidance' section.
Training design engineers to use 3D CAD
• See the 'Comprehensive Training' section.
The amount of legacy technical drawings currently in 2D
• Consider a gradual approach to converting CAD data. Ideas include:
• Converting 2D CAD data only when you need to
• Converting 2D CAD data project-by-project or product-by-product
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