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• Following the pilot project, where the tangible benefits of 3D CAD are apparent to all,
start rolling it out more broadly.
• Use your documented best practice, together with the guidance of your internal experts
and any other training you deem necessary.
• Start with the rest of the design engineering team who haven't been involved yet. Then
you can start moving on to other areas of the business.
• Other teams that can benefit include sales and marketing, production, service and main-
tenance. Additionally customers and suppliers can also be beneficiaries. See the 'Sig-
nificant Benefits of 3D CAD and Digital Engineering' section to see specifically how
advantages can be realised.
• Different departments may benefit from specific software features or add-on modules.
Two examples include photo-realistic rendering for Marketing and CADCAM for Pro-
duction. Take advice from your CAD vendor. Importantly, engage with your employees
in different teams to find out their requirements.
• During broader rollout, those who started earliest may then wish to explore enhanced
features, functionality and modules.
• As with the pilot stage, the timing of the broader rollout should be carefully considered.
It will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your business, prior staff
knowledge, training needs, current workload and any investment decisions. To optimise
the rollout schedule so it best works for your organisation, factor in these aspects, to-
gether with any other considerations unique to your organisation. As ever, tap into the
support and expertise of your CAD vendor. Finally, plan with milestones, target dates
and progress meetings.
9. The importance of Implementation Review
• It is important to review and measure the success and impact of 3D CAD implementa-
• The impact may be tangible , such as time and money saved, as well as intangible , for
example satisfaction for your engineers.
• Demonstrating the impact of 3D CAD implementation may well be necessary to
demonstrate return on investment (RoI), as well as justification more generally.
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