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• To get the most out of tutorial-type training, once you've followed the steps, you really
need to practice. This is where the real proficiency and learning takes place. As such,
putting the effort in here is crucial if you are serious about becoming a fast, accurate,
competent CAD user. Try reverse engineering products, assemblies and parts common
to your business. Get into the habit of using the commands and features used most fre-
quently by you to rapidly construct models.
Make it easy and convenient for staff to undertake tutorial training sessions. Set up
an old computer or a dedicated laptop staff can practice on before or after work, or at
• Encourage those who have recently learned the software to join blogs, receive digital
newsletters and generally engage with online communities who use the CAD package.
Access all these sources for hints and tips. If your engineers have CAD questions, why
not urge them to get in the habit of posting queries online on relevant forums? Other
CAD users are often eager to help and offer advice.
Embed best practice into staff training plans. Set targets such as a given number of
hours of CAD work over a set period. Get staff to show or publish what they have done
as PDF files, to evidence their training to managers.
7. Pilot Projects: Rapid Productivity Gains and Return on Investment
• Consider using pilot projects to spearhead the rapid take-up of 3D CAD. Those in-
volved should be design engineers with an interest in both using the software, as well
as making 3D CAD succeed in the business. Provide training for a number of engineers
rather than one. This avoids bottlenecks, satisfies ambitions fairly and enables engineers
to support and encourage each other.
• Pilot project examples include new products or alternatively developing production en-
gineering items, such as jigs, fixtures and gauges.
• Pilot projects enable the tangible advantages of 3D CAD to be demonstrated very
quickly, therefore winning over unsure employees from across the business.
• Pilot projects also facilitate a rapid return on investment, as the speed, reduced defects
and rapid time to market (and so sales within a given period) can all be calculated in hard
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