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• Use this opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. Really pick the trainer's
• Identify the features, commands and methods that best lend themselves to modelling
your products as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.
• Concentrate on speed and precision. What is the quickest way to model something ac-
• Use the externally trained engineers as 'gurus' who help and provide advice to other
employees using CAD internally within the business. They are your in-house experts, so
make sure you get value for money from their training. Can they set up and run informal
short internal demo sessions for others?
• Take advice from CAD software sellers about training, implementation and schedules.
Use their experience to help you and your business.
• Alongside 3D modelling, also identify the best Product Data Management (PDM)
set-up for your needs. Configure the PDM system supplied so it compliments your ex-
isting internal data processes and file storage and retrieval system.
• Actively encourage your design engineers to use the support and service that typically
comes with CAD purchases. Get in the habit of emailing in queries. Get on the phone if
you are stuck. You're paying for it so use it. There's no point in being shy!
• External training can be quite expensive. So, consider formal training for a few, then
getting them to coach and training others who subsequently need to learn.
• See training as on-going thing rather than a one-off commitment. People will need to be
trained in the future as others leave or change job function. Also once proficient, training
in specialist CAD modules will help you get the most out of the software.
Get in the habit of documenting best practices. This may take the form of quickly
compiling bullet point instructions and screenshots for training which is specific to your
business, perhaps using your project examples. Additionally it may be a combination of
this, together with tutorials and formal training material.
• In addition, use tutorials that typically come with the software, as well as YouTube
videos and other online training sources.
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