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• Considerations include requirements for your network, server, workstation and RAM.
Other factors include monitors, graphics cards and peripherals like plotters, spaceballs
and mice.
• Is 3D CAD run from laptops a consideration for you?
• Consider data storage and security. Also how will large CAD datasets be backed-up?
• Will you need to access other networks in the future, such as external customers or sup-
plier networks, CAM networks or remote access for any field-based users?
• Work closely with your IT team to ensure your set-up is optimised.
• The investment can be substantial if unplanned. If you need to upgrade, you may
decide to do so in stages. Identifying what is critical, through discussions with your CAD
vendor and IT team.
• Hardware and system investments go a long way to removing user frustrations often
experienced by CAD designers, in the form of crashes, freezes, low operation speed etc.
Identify who is likely to be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. Your IT team
can certainly advise and facilitate, although your Design Engineers will best understand
specific user requirements. Annual upgrades are common with many 3D CAD packages.
Define how this is likely to work with your CAD vendor and plan accordingly.
• Some CAD packages have a range of additional modules available, depending on the
functionality you require. Choose according to your business needs and do not pay over
the odds for functions you are highly unlikely to use.
6. Training: Rapidly Embedding Core CAD Skills in Your Business
• Send a number of your design engineers most likely to frequently use the software on
an intensive course to soak up the knowledge.
• Courses may be run by the supplier of the software. Book places for your engineers or
even better arrange for training to be delivered at your place of work.
• Instructions may be provided through taught classes and tutorials. Alongside this, get
hold of parts and assemblies that are common to your business, which you wish to model
(or reverse-engineer).
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