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a strong track record of not only selling, but importantly supporting small businesses,
holding their hand every step of the way.
• Your CAD vendor has an important role to play in implementing and embedding a 3D
CAD culture within your business. Mentioned before, the key word is partnership. The
likelihood is part of your payment will cover support. Never feel reserved about getting
in contact as many times as you need to. Instead get in the habit of requesting and re-
ceiving the support you are entitled to, and of course are paying for.
• From an implementation perspective, they should help you spec any hardware or net-
work upgrades, based on the CAD system requirements. Introduce them to both your
engineering team likely to use CAD, as well as your IT team who may be responsible
for the infrastructure on which your CAD software operates. Find out how upgrades will
work in the future. Additionally take their advice on product data management and es-
tablishing systems to control and access CAD files. Ensure these are suited to the way
you work. They may even be able to suggest outsourcing options if you reach internal
capacity. Vendors may also help with issues like financial justification and future CAD
capability planning.
Strong communication with your CAD Vendor is important. Get on first name
terms. Get them to visit your premises and see your set up, so they can better understand
your requirements. Make sure all your CAD Engineers make full use of all available
technical support on offer. This may include phone, email and online sources. Anybody
within your business who may need them should have contact details.
• From a practical point of view, your CAD vendor will be able to help you and your
engineers overcome day-to-day issues when modelling and with product data manage-
ment. Whatever your initial level of competence they should be a key factor in building
capability and skills within your CAD Engineering team.
• Finally, CAD vendors possess practical experience with numerous companies in a wide
range of industries. When setting out your CAD objectives in the short and longer term
they will be able to draw on their experiences to help you put together a robust plan to
achieve success. As mentioned above the key word is partnership.
5. IT Preparation: Hardware, Networks and System Requirements
• Take advice from your CAD vendor about the system requirements necessary to suc-
cessfully run 3D CAD within your business.
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