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Additionally, see the 'Integrating CAD Engineering into the Product Development Process'
section, for some useful advice to plan the best way of dovetailing 3D CAD into your ex-
isting ways of working.
3. Cultural Change: Get your Employees believing in the benefits of 3D CAD
• Before the change takes place, get the message out there, explaining change is on its
• Use meetings to explain key aspects of what you are planning. Make CAD implementa-
tion an agenda item where people can ask questions, as well as receive information about
the events soon to occur.
• Focus on 'what' is likely to happen and 'when' key events are likely to take place.
• The message should focus on the benefits people can expect. Tailor the message for the
audience; for example manufacturing advantages for production staff.
• Get people talking about 3D CAD and asking questions. Many won't realise how it
could improve their specific roles until examples are pointed out. See the 'Significant
Benefits of 3D CAD and Digital Engineering' section for examples to get them talking.
• To facilitate discussions, set up internal demo sessions, perhaps inviting people to re-
view and comment on one of your own products modelled in 3D CAD. Get employees
to have a go - rotate models, explode assemblies, review the parts they work on or as-
semblies they are familiar with.
• Use noticeboards to let people know about the 3D CAD implementation plan. Use print
outs and graphics to grab attention.
• Request feedback and encourage people to ask questions.
• Use the senior management backing for 3D CAD implementation, to really get the
message across. Emails from bosses, together with verbal updates from heads of depart-
ments - they all help emphasise this is an initiative backed from the top.
4. Draw on CAD Supplier Expertise
• Whether you know them as your CAD supplier, CAD vendor or Value Added Reseller
(VAR), the partnership you form with the company you procure software and training
from is a crucial one. As such, select the organisation carefully. Make sure they have
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