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• As the project is new, there are no concerns about legacy data still in 2D. Everything
is generated from fresh.
• For pilot projects, stick to the core functional features of 3D CAD. These include mod-
elling parts and assemblies, generating 2D technical drawings and BOMs, as well as
starting to compile parts libraries to save development time in the future. Core functional
features are the key skills engineers will have learned during training.
• Pilot projects enable freshly trained engineers to practice and embed their skills, be-
coming faster, more proficient and increasingly productive.
• Good practice for increased productivity can be established during these projects. For
example standard company drawing templates can be designed and called up to save
time, as can standard BOM and view arrangements that work for your business (e.g. tra-
ditional orthographic views, together with an isometric view in the top right hand corner,
to minimise the risk of misinterpreting a drawing by suppliers or by production work-
• Again, document best practice for your business. Get into the habit of quickly jotting
down instructions with screen shots to illustrate what works well. Consider hints, tips
and tricks, as well as pitfalls to avoid - all tailored to your company's way of working.
Documented best practice aids consistency.
• Start considering Project Data Management issues. These will include model and draw-
ing numbers, revision control, releases and publication (possibly PDF files). Also, con-
trolling access and a 'vault' system for checking models and drawings in and out, as a
means of controlling them. Your chosen CAD supplier will help with all of this, enabling
you to tailor a solution for your needs.
• CAD design engineers are able to make a flying start on pilot projects, as they build on
the solid investment in training.
• The timing of pilot projects should be planned, taking into account factors like the size
of the project, number of people, skill levels and what else you are currently committed
to. Set targets, communicate them and stick to them. Include milestones and hold people
to account.
8. Rolling out 3D CAD more broadly throughout the business
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