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In-Depth Information
real CAD users. Use the experiences of others who perhaps are further along the same jour-
ney as you, to inform your decision making.
Comparing CAD Software
To help you compare and contrast CAD software vendors, list them in a table, together with
key points. Consider criteria like:
• Cost per seat/licence
• Training (integral tutorials and training courses)
• Ease of use (how quick to get productive)
• Customer service, support and upgrades
• Key CAD functions that contribute to what you're trying to achieve
• Ease of integration in your business (and your existing systems and processes)
• How common it is in your industry?
• Hardware and system requirements, compared to what you currently have.
• CAD file compatibility and interoperability with partners, suppliers and customers
• CAD/CAM capability
• Any of the reasons, benefits and business advantages mentioned earlier
• Etc.
The criteria should be suited to the needs of your business , together with what you aim
to achieve by implementing CAD.
Now you have a list of CAD vendors and a list of criteria, generate a simple matrix or grid
a spreadsheet or simply on a piece of paper. List the criteria down the left hand side and the
CAD vendors along the top.
Next decide on a simple scoring system, say 1 to 3 or maybe 5. Quickly define what a 3 or
5 looks like for example 'meets all our requirements both now and probably in the future'.
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