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Putting together a CAD Specification tailored to your business.
List all your requirements including some of the ones above, together with others specific
to you and your development process. At this stage it may be worth assembling a small
cross-functional team of employees with an interest in the use of 3D CAD within the busi-
ness. Rapidly work through the criteria above, jotting down answers relevant to you. Next
prioritise your list of requirements, initially identifying 'high, medium and low' require-
ments. What do you actually need, as opposed to requirements which are desirable and nice
to have? Refine your list, starting from the most important criteria down to the least. The
purpose of this is to provide you with clarity when comparing the range of 3D software
available, against requirements you know are tailored to your business needs.
Researching 3D CAD Software
Right, having now identified a reasonably clear idea of what the business wants from 3D
CAD, it's time to investigate what's out there on the market. Consider a number of sources
for your research. Examples include:
• Online - websites, blogs, searches for CAD reviews and comparisons, as well as
• CAD magazines and relevant design engineering publications
• Exhibitions and trades shows
• Live Demos - either at the vendor's premises or at your business using your examples
• Limited period trials (30 days), demo discs and limited functionality downloads
Compile a folder (possibly a digital one with links and copied and pasted information),
containing the details of the CAD software suppliers you've found that are broadly able to
meet your requirements.
When researching CAD supplier websites, don't just read and believe what their marketing
people say. Instead search the web for blogs, CAD user forums, CAD publications and
design industry sites. See what ordinary people say - real day-to-day users. How do the
CAD titles compare? What are others typically using in your industry and what are their
experiences? Use the full functionality of the web to get a rounded and honest opinion from
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