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Training Considerations? - Have you thought about tutorials that may come with the
software? Is taught training available either at the vendor's site or potentially at your
business premises, if you have enough CAD seats? Do you want to go down the 'train
the trainer' route, where one person receives formal training before returning to the busi-
ness and training others? Additionally, what about supplementing taught training with
online training videos and tutorials? What's your overall strategy? Can it be integrated
into employee personal development plans?
Consider Support and Maintenance - What level of support will you require? This
may depend on the internal skills you have or are likely to have after training. Phone and
email support is highly recommended. Have you considered manuals, web forums and
YouTube videos, as a means of overcoming problems?
Specific CAD Features for Your Type of Business - Are there CAD functions and
capabilities specific to the nature of your business? Is it worth receiving more advanced
focussed training in these areas, as they are the features and skills your company re-
quires? Examples include sheet metal design, welding and fabrication, tooling and die
design, as well as electrical, cable and wiring design.
Hardware, Networks and Systems Requirements - Are your existing IT networks
and hardware like PC workstations, laptops and servers, adequate for smooth, stable
CAD software operation? Have system requirements, like recommended processing
speed and graphics cards, been reviewed against your equipment? Have you adequately
sized monitors which will do the CAD models justice, particularly for large assemblies
you may need to present?
Data Management - consider how you want CAD data to be integrated into your ex-
isting IT networks. Who will require access and how frequently? Are there security im-
plications? How will data be stored, transferred and backed up? What are the considera-
tions for data transfer to suppliers and customers, including file type and version control?
Location and Design Environment - Where will your CAD Engineers actually be
located? Have you a dedicated work space conducive to detailed work where employees
have to concentrate? Are laptop-based CAD workstations an option for increased mobil-
ity and flexibility?
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