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Likewise do the opposite for 1. Try and draft an explanatory line for all the intermediate
steps. This will clarify your decision making when judging the different CAD software
Now for the action! Gather your team and rate the different CAD software titles against
your criteria. Use the research that has been done to inform the discussion within the
group, before deciding an appropriate score. Don't over-analyse, instead prepare to move
at pace making decisions after hearing the evidence. When complete, total the numbers for
each software title. You should now have a priority list.
At this stage you've got a choice. For some, this is sufficient evidence they need to make
a purchasing decision. For others the capital outlay is significant and so they need greater
assurance. They feel more comfortable calling in a distributer to see a live demo and dis-
cussing how the software would be used in their business. Some may do this for say, the
top 3 ranked software titles, particularly if they have scored closely. Alternatively, is hir-
ing, online leasing or cloud-based download a lower cost option than buying (think long
term)? If so, start researching online to see what your possibilities are in this area.
Free trial periods are a good way of further evaluation. For free 30 day trials , make a con-
scious effort, together with a plan to fully evaluate them through the month, rather than
having a quick play in the last week or last day! Other ways to investigate include YouTube
research and tutorials to road-test 'ease of use'. Further web research and blog comments
all help to build a clearer picture. All these approaches are valid. Ultimately do what works
for you and your business. Make sure you are satisfied and comfortable, before making that
all important final financial decision.
For a really in-depth CAD evaluation, particularly to transfer knowledge and skills, con-
sider the following…
In-depth CAD System Evaluation Specific to Your Business
Choose a real project - current or recent - where 3D CAD can demonstrate real value,
perhaps hitting some of the advantages mentioned above like better quality, shorter lead
times and quick generation of technical documentation.
• Based on your research, select the leading 2 or 3 CAD systems most likely to meet
your business objectives.
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