HTML and CSS Reference
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The letter-spacing property controls the spacing of each character
in a word. Like word-spacing , the letter-spacing property defines an
adjustment to the default spacing for the font.
<length> : A fixed dimension used as an adjustment to the default
amount of space between letters.
normal : No adjustment is made (equivalent to 0 ).
Horizontal alignment of text inside a containing block is defined by the
text-align property.
left : The text is left aligned (default).
right : The text is right aligned.
center : The lines of text are centered.
justify : The lines of text are flush with both sides of the box, adjust-
ing the spacing in between words as needed.
Be careful when applying text-align: justify , particularly with
narrow columns. Typographic tools such as hyphenation, which help
maintain even character counts per line, are not available to browsers, and
they're notoriously awful at calculating the spacing needed for justification.
This often results in lines with a few words and huge gaps between them.
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