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This property sets how the whitespace and newlines in an element are
normal : Lines of text are wrapped to fill each successive line box with
text; sequences of whitespace (multiple space, tab, or newline charac-
ters) are collapsed (default).
pre : Text is considered to be preformatted in the source markup docu-
ment and whitespace, including newline characters, remains intact
(default for <pre> element).
nowrap : Whitespace is collapsed as normal, and all text is forced to the
same line.
In addition to setting the behavior for whitespace , with word-wrap you
can allow browsers to break lines in the middle of words to prevent long
strings of characters from overflowing a box.
break-word : Allows a browser to place a break within a word to
prevent a long word with no whitespace characters from overflow-
ing the box; words are broken by character, not syllables, and are not
normal : Single words cannot be broken (default).
The text-indent property defines an indentation for the first line of text
in a block.
<length> : A fixed measurement for the indentation
<percentage> : A percentage length relative to the width property of
the containing block
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