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As you look at yourself you're going to want to make sure that this service industry is right
for you. A computer repair technician needs to be mechanically inclined with good eye-
sight. Additionally, there are days where the repair work is repetitive and monotonous and
at times can be downright boring. There are also days when it will seem that no matter what
you do, you won't be able to fix a device, while you have your customer breathing down
your neck. In an instant your mood and business can change, and you're going to want to
adapt and embrace those changes.
Expect these things to happen, and expect that you're not going to “know it all” as you
receive your first customer. What you'll do is simply rely on your training—whether
you're self-taught, learned your computer repair skills on the job, or formally trained in a
The mind of the repair technician needs to be logical and methodical. Diagnosing a cus-
tomer's computer problem can be time-consuming and frustrating. Not to worry. After a
few hundred repairs you'll know your service line in and out and it will be second nature
to you. It's the learning process that will take its toll mentally and physically. However, it's
also what makes you an expert and a trustworthy member of the service industry.
I have personally found that technical work is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. There's
no better feeling than doing the job right and hearing a customer say “thank you” for deliv-
ering your service as promised. This should appeal to you as a technician because as you
grow your business you will hear this gratitude more and more. You should look forward
to building the customer testimonial page on your website!
Training & Certification
There are a few schools of thought here, speaking of “schools” and training. From the
outsider's perspective, diving into a technical job of repairing computers can seem over-
whelming and out of reach. What do you do when you want to know more about a field
and become an expert? Education comes to mind, in one form or another.
Becoming proficient at almost any job needs patience and time. As a new business owner,
you might not have the luxury of having either, but you're a different breed and can handle
the challenges that will come at you.
It's true that you'll never regret getting that college education because once you have it,
it's yours. That diploma is part of your life and part of your marketability. In your business
you need marketing, and your education will come in handy, even if your degree is in an
unrelated field.
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