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Electric Bill $145.00 13th paid Water Bill $71.00 15th open Insurances $139.00 4th paid
mortgage $1,215.00 1st paid Auto Loan $320.00 28th open
Internet service $62.00 12th open Telephone service $88.00 19th open Website $99.00 13th
paid Beginning Inventory $1,830.00 N/A open New Computer $829.00 N/A paid Work
Bench $520.00 N/A paid
Beginning Cash $10,000.00 Income $0.00 monthly Expenses $5,318.00 Remaining In-
come $4,682.00
What you'll end up with is a fulfilling life. Just think about the times that you'll be able
to proudly state that you're self-employed. It's one of my greatest rewards and when I de-
scribe it to others, it's usually sounds something like:
“I love being self-employed. I've been laid off before, dealt with unfair managers, even
hated my boss in the past. At least I know that if I make it, it'll be because of me and if I
fail, it'll be because of me. The one thing that I can truly count on is myself. I don't want
to leave my fate in someone else's hands.”
I can count on myself. That's the first and most important part about being an owner/op-
erator. You have to believe it and you have to live by it. Without you, your business will
never get off the ground. Count on yourself and you'll find successes in all aspects of your
life, which is especially true for your new business.
The bottom line is that being a business owner is like a roller-coaster ride. The “highs” are
high and the “lows” are low. There's a price for admission and you might not like the ride,
but my guess is that you might be nervous as you stand in line, but once you step off you'll
be smiling and happy.
Every morning when you begin work at your business, you'll be waiting in the same line
and climbing onto this roller coaster knowing that you'll experience exhilaration, speed,
and stomach-cramping drops. Now is the time to decide whether you're the adrenaline-
junkie roller-coaster fanatic or the slow-paced, carousel-riding kind of person.
Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Repair Technician?
Before becoming self-employed you should analyze yourself and attempt to create a bal-
ance between your business and personal life. Remember that being self-employed means
that you'll never truly stop working, but you will want to separate and continue to nurture
your personal relationships and responsibilities that make you you.
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