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There are specialized fields of education that can also become part of your marketing pro-
gram. Trade schools, individualized training programs, and certifications are also quick and
effective ways to learn. Community colleges and vocational schools also offer classes from
beginning to advanced curriculums that can assist you in your endeavors.
Compile all of that education and top it off with a dose of common sense and you'll be
ready for the life you've been craving, the life of a business owner in a market that seems
to be never-ending.
Your College Education
Students who attend college do so for very different reasons. Some know exactly what they
want to do in life for a career, go to college for the appropriate education, and do it. Some
think they know what they want to do, and go to college only to end up changing their
minds. Others will go to college not having a clue as to what they want out of life, find a
major, and get a diploma.
Then there are students like me, who started college but never finished. I had bigger plans
in life (or maybe I just couldn't hack it). Some people are built for the classroom and others
are not.
There's no trick here. College is for some people. It can give you direction, a purpose, and
even a job when you need it. However, there is no requirement to have a college education
when you own a business. Once you're your own boss, you'll never be interviewed again
(you'll do the interviewing), and you can rest on the success of your business as you grow.
Some of the most successful people in our industry do not have college educations (for ex-
ample, Steve Jobs at Apple, Inc. and Bill Gates at Microsoft, who dropped out of school in
1975 as a sophomore).
The point is that if you have your degree, it will not hurt you; however, if you don't, there's
no rush to finish before you start your business. It's something you can save for when you
Technical School
A technical school, also known as a vocational college or trade school, is an educational
institution that prepares students for a career in a specific field. There are many great elec-
tronic technical schools across the country and students are taught skills for their career
choices directly.
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