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This strategy is ancient, tested, and reliable. The only way it can fail is if you don't walk
in enough doors. Do you have the discipline to walk into fifty new businesses every day
when business is slow? If you do this faithfully, you will have called on 250 businesses at
the end of a week, 1,000 in a month, and your business will easily increase.
Let's take this example a step farther, and since we're really talking about e-commerce, we
need to make sure that each visit leads not only to your telephone, but also to your website.
All those customers whom you approach will most likely visit your website first before
calling you. List your website prominently below or even above the telephone number on
your business card. Since your website is your silent salesperson, the link between your
visit and a sale might just be your site.Think about the number of people who won't walk
into a business and ask for service. Having your website answer the common questions for
those shy or introverted customers will help you reach them, even though you may never
be able to meet them face to face or speak to them on the phone. Catering to personality
types is a skill that the best salespeople have, and not discriminating against a certain type
of customer is the winning answer.
Getting Listed in Directories
Getting your website listed in directories is important as a source of traffic to your site
but also because they help the search engines understand which market or topic your site
pertains to. Even more importantly, it's a free service. This can make your site extremely
relevant within search results, therefore offering your site higher listings in the search en-
gines. Directories are controlled by real people who look at the content of websites that are
submitted and place them in the relevant categories to assure accuracy.
Additionally, search engines like Google and Yahoo reach into directory listings, so this is
a good way of getting your site indexed initially on the Internet.
Yahoo is the largest and best-known directory, with experts who review sites before index-
ing them.
Dmoz.org is a directory that is important to your business because it is used by Google for
the Google directory pages and also by many other directory sites.
To get listed in a directory, simply visit the directory site and submit your website's in-
formation. Don't be surprised if your website doesn't show up immediately. Remember
that these sites are run by employees and volunteers who sift through thousands of requests
daily. Be patient, and don't submit more than once.
Link Exchange
Link exchange, or reciprocal links, is important for your website to be “visible” on the In-
ternet. The Internet is based on links, and if you find a great site that you love, you should
provide a link to it. Now you don't want to go crazy here. Linking to other sites will help
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