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them become more visible and “findable” on the Internet and is considered a courtesy to
your visitors.
Ask yourself why visitors are on your website. Give them what they want and what they
are looking for. In addition, you can help your visitors by offering them a link to a related
website. Links to related sites show that you care about them. You should always build
your website with your visitor in mind.
Be logical, though—don't send your visitors to a competitor unless you'd prefer to help
that competitor make a few sales. The link should be to a site that offers information or
advice on a topic that is related to computer repair. For example, if you're servicing Dell
laptops, you might have a link to Dell's website.
The idea, however, is to get Dell to post a link back to your website. That might prove to
be difficult, as Dell doesn't necessarily care about your small business, nor do they believe
that you can help them as much as they can help you.
So the key is to find like-minded sites—other small businesses, rumor sites, blogs, and in-
formational sites that you might be able to link to. Once you do, send the owner of the site
an e-mail and ask for a link back.
Once you have a few links, it will be called a link directory. A good link directory is a valu-
able resource for your visitors and it improves the content of your website. If your website
contains many related links for a specific topic, chances are that your website will be con-
sidered an authority on that topic by customers and search engines.
Well-designed link pages with useful and related links help you to make your website more
attractive to visitors. Websites that are useful and attractive for web surfers get high search-
engine rankings because they're considered authorities and worth linking to.
Focus on your website visitors. Search engines try to find websites that are useful for web-
site visitors. If the linking structure of your website indicates that it is a useful site, your
site will get great search engine rankings as well as targeted traffic from your link partners.
Building an E-Mail List
Here's an easy one. E-mail “blasts” are nothing new, and there are services that you can use
to help you with these, but also look at your e-commerce provider as well. Many of them
will offer e-mail newsletter services as part of a package deal.
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