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Think about this: Your customer has a broken computer and can't get online to find you, so
he pulls out his next option and reverts to the phone book. He looks up “Computer Repair”
and there's your ad, begging him to call you. It's an option that is completely feasible and
may garner you some sales, but the price has to be right!
Nontraditional & Unique Marketing Ideas
As you continue to ponder how you are going to get more customers, try to think outside
the box. The goal here is to find an easy way to reach more customers and not pay a premi-
um to compete in the same space as your competitors.
Have you ever seen a kid on a street corner with a sandwich board or holding a sign dancing
and directing people into the “We Buy Gold” store? This marketing concept, which dates
back to the 19th century, has always seemed to work. If it didn't work, these guys would be
gone. This is a great example of another nontraditional marketing technique that can drive
customers to your location without a lot of expense.
My New Company Uniform
After scratching my head thinking “I can't afford to pay for all of this marketing,” I needed
a new idea. I was out with a friend and I overheard someone at a restaurant saying how she
dropped her iphone and was at a loss as to where or how to have it repaired. Naturally, I
apologized and interjected that I couldn't help but overhear the conversation and handed
her my card. of course, I could fix iphones and this was a potential new customer!
The next day, I got a call from my lead and repaired her iphone. This gave me a new idea,
and I had a few T-shirts made. Very simply, the front of the shirt said, “I fix iphones.” on
the back, it had my website and telephone number.
A short time later my wife and I were on vacation in Vail, Colorado, and we both happened
to be wearing our shirts at a bar and grill while sitting on the patio chatting.
Without notice, a gentleman came up to us, set his cracked iphone on the table in front of
me, and said simply, “Help me.”
Had I not been wearing my new favorite shirt, I would not have reached this customer.
Well, maybe it was my wife wearing the shirt that got his attention as she is far better to
look at than I am, but we will chalk it up to the T-shirt making the sale!
Another way to bring business is to find a theme and enter your business into parades. Just
think about it . . . many city parades offer an immediate connection to thousands of poten-
tial customers.
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