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Guerrilla Marketing
You can also take your nontraditional marketing ideas to a guerrilla marketing firm, or even
run a guerrilla marketing campaign ad or event on your own. Guerrilla marketing is an
advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics that yield
maximum results at a local or regional level.
Guerrilla marketing may be the right solution for your small business. When executed well,
its low-cost and highly targeted format pays off. It's a way to get noticed and differentiated
from the competition while earning a reputation for being cutting edge and different.
Guerrilla marketing is a broad term, and entering a parade is a simple guerrilla marketing
idea. However, for many the term signifies a “shocking” form of advertising, and some say
that if it's not “newsworthy,” it's not guerrilla marketing. While traditional media can be
useful for advertising and marketing, the cost can be high. Small businesses can opt to use
the media in more of a newsworthy and journalistic way by organizing and hosting events
that the media will cover for free as a routine part of local news coverage. For example, a
small business can host a car wash and donate the money to charity. Guerrilla marketing
methods such as this work when all employees wear clothing clearly showing the name,
contact information, and web address of the company hosting the event.
A more “shocking” example would be to skydive while offering a promotion on
Everyone Loves a Parade
I was looking for other ways to get local business. I wanted my customers to know that I
was right in their neighborhood, and since I didn't have a retail location they would never
find us unless we told them about us. once again I put my innovating cap on and thought
We have several parades in our area each year. There are st. patrick's Day parades, festival
parades, city parades, Fourth of July parades . . . well, you get the idea. In fact, there are
an amazing number of parades that I never even knew about. What was I going to enter? If
you are going to be in a parade, you need to have a theme or a float of some kind, so I went
into innovation mode.
I ended up doing some research on old military vehicles and purchased a restored 1968
m35A2, otherwise known as a Deuce and a Half or military transport. my business name is
“mission Repair,” so I took the theme on a mission with this military truck.
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