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color flyers to geographic regions of your choosing, for a low price per flyer. Low cost as
in about a 75 percent savings over sending a single letter to a friend.
The direct-mail approach works by setting up a region with the mail carrier, and regardless
of the name of the household, the carrier will insert one of your special flyers into each
mailbox, in that region. Since the mail carrier doesn't need to worry whether the right per-
son gets your flyer or not (because they will all get it) the price is far less expensive per
piece to deliver the flyers to each house.
This can work if the flyer is right. Look at your own habits though. When you open your
mailbox look at the “junk mail” (and bear in mind that your flyer will be considered junk
mail) and see what appeals to you and what doesn't. My guess is that if you're like me,
you don't need to see another carpet-cleaning flyer at the moment, so you toss those in the
garbage. However, an iPod repair business offering specials on battery replacements while
I wait? That might work because my iPod needs a new battery. You never know.
Print magazines are still being produced and distributed. Like newspapers, print magazines
will probably have digital “e-zine” versions as well, which basically gives you double the
exposure for one price. Print magazines used to be a very expensive way to advertise, but
these days the prices are low so don't rule out the possibility!
Trade Shows
Trade shows in your niche can be valuable networking tools and an easy way to gather
customers in a large group. It's a way to represent your business live and in person and
make personal connections that can be remembered. There is a spirit of networking and ca-
maraderie built into a lot of these events, so they are well worth attending.
Can't find a trade show in your area or even in your niche? Try looking locally for “Think
Green” trade shows. You can rent a booth and boast that you're saving the landfills by “re-
pairing rather than disposing.” You'll fit right into a show that may be attended by tens of
thousands of potential customers, with very little or no competition for you.
Yellow Pages
Yellow what? Remember “Let your fingers do the walking”? I personally don't use the Yel-
low Pages anymore, and I haven't received a copy on my doorstep since I canceled the tele-
phone land-line at my house, but the Yellow Pages are still in print and are still in use. Once
again, if you're looking for some exposure, think about your target audience and make wise
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