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Figure 16-6
Screenshot of an error report generated by TCK.
report mechanisms: (1) some problems are due to the fact that the
system does not behave according to its declared capabilities and
these errors are reported as wrong assertions, and (2) some errors are
due to processes finishing as exceptions and are reported as errors.
When there is a problem for a specific test suite, the test suite can
be launched with a graphical interface using the following command
(this example involves the regression test suite):
java.exe -classpath libs\jdmTCKFramework1_1_0.jar;libs\jdmTCK1_1_0.jar;
libs\jdm.jar;libs\junit.jar;libs\MyJDMImpl.jar javax.datamining.testSuites.
RegressionTestSuite -ga ./config/
Problems that occur during these tests fall into one of two
You identify the problem in your configuration or imple-
mentation. You may correct the problem and rerun the TCK
for further validation.
You think that the problem comes from the TCK itself. For
example, the TCK omits a check for a given capability prior
to making a specific test related to this capability. In this case,
you may want to communicate this to the TCK designers and
implementers. To do this, go to
and join the discussion forums (under the “Project Tools”
section). One forum is dedicated to “TCK questions and
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